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 Why and how the Attorney’s “Retainer Agreement” protects the consumer. DEMAND ONE TO BE FAXED OR E-MAILED TO YOU BEFORE AGREEING TO ANYTHING ON THE PHONE!

A “Retainer Agreement” is the legally binding contract for legal representation between you and your attorney (attorney firm). It spells out what the scope of the legal representation is, what financial responsibilities each party bears during the representation, and provides specifics as to “actual damages,” “civil penalty damages,” and other important information relative to legal representation in a California Lemon Law case/claim.

Many consumers do not realize that, just by a simple phone consultation with an attorney firm, they can find themselves being “represented” by that attorney firm without their specific understanding and/or consent, and without a written and signed “Retainer Agreement”. Worse yet, the “follow-up” letter by the attorney firm will then delineate potential responsibilities for legal fees, disclosure of potential responsibility for “expert fees,” and other potential financial responsibilities and obligations that may have never been discussed on the phone. This is where the “Retainer Agreement” comes in.

In choosing a Lemon Law attorney firm to represent you, we strongly suggest that you DEMAND a Retainer Agreement be sent to you via e-mail or fax so that you have full disclosure of what the scope of your legal representation will be, as well as any financial responsibilities placed on you. Our firm has sent a Retainer Agreement to our clients for 19 years.

A “Retainer Agreement” is a very important document that provides specific disclosure and protections for California consumers. We suggest:  Demand a Retainer Agreement be faxed or e-mailed to you for your review before deciding to hire or giving any kind of “agreeing response” to any lemon law attorney (attorney firm) that tells you “YOU HAVE A CASE”, or “WE THINK YOU HAVE A VALID LEMON LAW CLAIM” by telephone consultation/conversation with or without them having done a review of your repair documentation.

After 19 years and over 7,000 successful California Lemon Law cases, all of our clients receive Retainer Agreements. For our firm, it’s the correct and ethical way to do business that fosters a long-term relationship with our clients.

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